The Eye That Never Closes

by Rachel Weishaar

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I create fictional worlds and populate them with characters who are tested. The question is always: Will they come through with their light intact or will they give into the darker parts of their nature?

I came to writing years ago to help me figure out who I was. The more I wrote, the more authentic I became. The real me is both hopeful and sparkly, and also a dark and tangly woods. Writing is where I go to feel enveloped by something bigger than myself. It's a scary place, but also a compelling one.

It is through my scribe archetype that I remind myself and others that we are all Worthy of Joy. 



alchemist's eyes

brook andreoli

I don’t have a tangible picture of Brook and me. We have never met in person. So my pictures of us together are in a parallel plane of existence. It’s where all the cool, love-centered women meet to share gut-wrenching imagery and soul-twinkling revelations.  We ride unicorns and wear flowers in our hair. We shape shift and howl at the moon and hold a sacred place for each other’s stories.

August 15, 2016





book 1 - the Envision trilogy


YA Fiction Author